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Dene Cowill - CEO LiveRight LLC and Country Music Performer

I'm Dene Colwill.  Over a span of 45 years working in IT I started as a Computer Operator and worked my way up to Application Programmer, Systems Programmer, Business Analyst/Project Manager to Vice President of Data Processing.  I got myself Certified Information Systems Auditor and Business Analyst Certified.  Over all those years I never lost focus of what was really important.  If asked what I do, I would answer I'm a christian, husband, and father who works as a VP of IT. 


Life is to diverse in experiences for a person to identify who they are with a job.  This website and business is dedicated to making life more enjoyable through entertainment, blogs on various topics, and acquisition of tangible items to make our leisure time and our work time more enjoyable. 


I've been playing guitar since I was 8 years old.

At that time I picked up my dad's guitar after watching him play it for hours. I started trying to copy his techniques and soon was working out songs with my older brother who also took an interest at about the same time.


Since I am totally self taught I developed my own unique style of playing. I may do cover tunes, but I never really make any effort to copy what someone else has already done. I try to make every song my own.


I've played with groups when I was in college and had many solo gigs using electric rhythm units and my guitar to fill out the sound. Recently I've performed at Tres Rios Resort in Glen Rose, FarrBest Opry in Mansfield, and participated in open mic jams at The White Elephant, Theos, Jenny's Cafe, Fairmont Club, Cowtown bar, Bill's Records, and Poor David's Pub.


© 2013 by Dene Colwill. All Rights Reserved.


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